Carlingford Lough from the Flagstaff Viewpoint

The Cooley Peninsula, the number 1 scenic drive route in Ireland!

It may be petit, but the Cooley Peninsula punches way above its weight...

Pól Ó Conghaile - 2014  'Travel Extra' Journalist of the Year

Travel Ireland, Irish Independant Article link: "Ten Best Scenic Drives"

The Cooley Peninsula is home to the epic tale of the "Táin Bó Cúailgne" also known as "The Cattle Raid of Cooley", which depicts Cúchulainn’s defence of Ulster against the invading armies of Maeve of Connaught in an attempt to covet "Donn Cúailgne" - "The Brown Bull of Cooley". This epic tale alongside those told of Fionn MacCumhaill (who rests on the slopes of Slieve Foy) are among the best known stories from Ireland’s wealth of myths and legends.  

But there is a lot more to the Cooley Peninsula besides being the setting for the most famous cattle raid in history. It is an area of diverse landscape and spectacular scenery. Bounded by Carlingford Lough and Dundalk Bay, it covers an area of roughly 60 square miles of mountain ranges, flat fertile plains, wide valleys, forests and long beaches. The peninsula’s previous occupants left an assortment of relics for us to ponder and wonder at including neolithic tombs, ringforts, castles, early christian sites, medieval buildings and more.

Visitors can immerse themselves in the rich history and folklore of the area and can also find amusement in many other ways. Excellent places for food, drink and entertainment, comfortable accommodation in scenic settings, adventure activities, golfing, water sports, walking, cycling, trekking, fishing, cooking, sailing, shopping are all available on the Cooley Peninsula.

The essence of the Cooley Peninsula is its beautiful scenery, friendly welcoming people, colourful and interesting history, and the variety and quality of facilities available to one and all. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Using the "Cooley Peninsula Scenic Drive" map (available for free in the Tourist Office and from all accommodation providers) it is possible to tour the peninsula at your leisure by car or by bicycle. By car a leisurely drive taking in the many villages, places of interest and Heritage sites will take a few hours (depending of course on how long you wish to spend at the various places). Cyclists, who are generally looking for a "slower" tour have the choice of a number of cycle routes taking in the coast line and mountain roads while Mountain Bike enthusiasts can follow some of the "Táin Way" from Carlingford to Ravensdale over the Mountain trails. 

Cooley Peninsula Scenic Drive 

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